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Welcome to the family pages. In a quest to find the best solution to the pictures this is what I have FINALLY come up with. I apologize for the length of time it took to make this happen, but as we all know "life" happens. The way this works now is still very similar except on how you update your pictures.

To the left you select the families to view, and hopefully I have provided a decent description with each picture. To add more pictures you will utilize the functionality of the FTP prompt on this page or the main page. You will be asked for a username and password. Once you login you will automatically be taken to the directory that houses your pictures. At this point you just copy from your local computer to the server here.

This can only be accomplished once you have interfaced with the Webmaster and situated your user ID and password.

I am currently working on the code that will automatically turn your picture into a thumbnail that is clickable to get the bigger picture. All you have to do is name the file exactly the way you want the picture labeled. So if you named a file "Dan and his car.jpg" then the label will show up as "Dan and his car". Again, if you label the pictures file name as "Where BOOGERS come From AS EXPlained by Bruce.gif" then the label on the picture will be "Where BOOGERS come From as EXPlained by Bruce". Notice the extension is NOT on the label.

I have a manually run application that does this for me right now, so I am not TOO far off from having the automation in place for you to take care of this. A thorough explanation will be given on what to do when you contact the Webmaster.

If you would rather leave everything up to the web master to do the work for you, that is not a problem either. Just send an email to pictures@yothers.com.

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